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About destination

Baška is one of the most attractive destinations on the Croatian Adriatic coast, mostly because of its 2km-long natural pebbly beach which has been proclaimed one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Baška is situated at the far south-east end of the island of Krk, which is Croatia's biggest island and also its closest one to the mainland, 43 km from the Krk Bridge. Being only a few hours distant from major European cities makes it an interesting destination not only for summer vacations, but also for weekend breaks and other holidays throughout the year.

Baška is like a masterpiece water-colour painting, anchored in a bay against a green background, spilling its white rocks along the shore, the colours merging with Baška's bright facades, red roofs, old stone steps, wooden shutters and little white boats caressing the shores.

The town is an interesting architectural unit, as it was built on a terrain which gradually rises above sea level.

Baška's stunning natural semi-circular beach overlooks the Velebit mountain range and the islet Prvić.

The Baška valley is a gentle but deep valley leading all the way to the sea, with several springs, a little river, fertile ground and lots of greenery, a true oasis in a rocky landscape.

The highest peak on the island, Obzova (569 m), rises above the valley and offers spectacular views of the sea, valley and mountains.

If we add a rich cultural, historical and architectural heritage to its natural diversity, then we can conclude that this is a destination which offers a full range of holiday activities.


The main features of the pleasant and mild Mediterranean climate are: warm springs, hot summers, mild autumns and windy winters. Baška is among the sunniest parts of Europe with more than 2 500 hours of sunshine per year. The air temperature in summer is 24?C, whereas the sea temperature is 26?C.


  • Bura blows from the mainland to the sea and is a cold, unpredictable wind. Even though it blows mainly in winter, it can rise throughout the whole year. After bura, clear and sunny weather can be expected. The waves created by bura are short with foamy tops.
  • Jugo blows from the sea to the mainland. It is a humid wind accompanied by rain, producing long, beautiful and silent waves. It's present mostly from autumn till spring.
  • Maestral is a pleasant summer wind.


Baška is proud of its clean and safe drinking water which can be drunk from the tap. It has its own water supply from underground sources and deep wells.

The Flora and Fauna

There are 1 500 different plants and herbs growing under the warm Mediterranean sun, 50 of which are the island's endemic species. The countryside is covered with medicinal herbs, making the Baška valley an exceptionally healthy environment where longevity rules. Sage, wormwood, and thyme are only some of the herbs which can be found here. Lovers of the animal world might spot indigenous species on land and in the sea, in their natural environment.

Photos: TZO Baška

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